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The Domain Name System (DNS) is divided into smaller administrative segments described as DNS zones. The DNS zone carries all of the different DNS records for the specific zone. That way, the entire system is decentralized, which makes managing it easier and more practical.
Different DNS administrators are taking care of every one of the DNS zones by making additional adjustments or adding and deleting DNS records.

The type of DNS zone is another essential specification. Each type has its own purpose, and there are several of them. However, the ones that are most commonly implemented are:

  • Primary (Master) DNS zone - It stores the original zone file with all of the DNS records that are essential for the zone. In this zone, DNS administrators are able to make any kind of adjustment and modifications of the DNS data.
  • Secondary (Slave) DNS zone - It holds a read-only copy of the DNS information. Most commonly, it is a duplicate of the Primary DNS zone. The DNS administrator is not able to make changes in this type of zone. The purpose is to provide a backup in case of failures.

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