Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta Announces NEW 3-Day Schedule!

With schedules tight and time in short supply, dreams can be pushed to the side!  Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta recognizes that not all Future Professionals can devote 5 days per week working towards in a new career in the hair and beauty industry.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, the Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta team has developed a new schedule to offer those students who still want to pursue their dreams while meeting the demands at home or work…or even BOTH!

Beginning on January 23rd we will be offering a new 3-day schedule.  Future Professionals will attend the cosmetology program on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am until 7:00pm for a total of 30 hours per week.  This schedule will still allow our Future Professionals to complete the program in about 13 months with good attendance!   We will still be offering our normal full-time schedule of Tuesday through Friday.  Apply now at http//

If you think this schedule may work for you please call Todd or Kelli at 404-888-0070.  We will be happy to provide any further details, and any of your questions and get you scheduled you for a tour of our campus!

New 3-Day Schedule at Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta

Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta is pleased to announce a new 3-day schedule for our cosmetology program!

2012 Career Fair-Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta!

Its that time of year again!  We are pleased to host another Career Fair at Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta!  The career fair is open to all current Future Professionals and Graduates.  This event is a great opportunity for Future Professionals at Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta to meet some of Atlanta’s most prestigious salon representatives.  Please make sure you arrive in dress code ready to impress.  If you have a current resume please bring it with to give to any or all of the salons!!!  We are pleased to have the following salons represented this time:

  • Atlanta Natural Hair Coalition
  • Shea Natural Hair Salon
    Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta Career Fair

    Future Professionals meet and greet at the Spring 2012 Career Fair!alon

  • Blo Beauty Bar
  • Jamison Shaw
  • A La Mode Salon
  • Bob Steele
  • Salon Red
  • Salon NV
  • Radius Salon
  • Salon Carcica
  • Van Michaels
  • Godiva
  • Ulta Salons
  • Twisted Shear
  • Icon Shear
  • James Madison
  • D’Essence Hair Studio

Here are some helpful tips from to help make the most out of your Career Fair Experience!

  1. Arrive with a postitive attitude
  2. Bring at least 20 copies of your resume
  3. Do your research!
  4. Get the interviewers business card
  5. and…more!
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