Program Integrity

Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta-GA is accredited by NACCAS and uses its calculation for student placement based on each program offered. NACCAS shows that for the most recent annual reporting period that the Cosmetology program has a placement rate of 73.58%.

  • On-time completion is defined by the U.S. Department of Education as anyone who graduates within the normal completion time. When a student completes their graduation requirements, including all theory and practical assignments, and the required number of clock hours contracted for within their original contracted graduation date, that student is considered to have graduated on-time. If a student delays their graduation for any reason, such as family responsibilities, day care issues, and other life events, which causes them to graduate after their original contract end date they are not considered an on-time graduate. Please note that our graduation rates that are provided in the school catalog are based on how many students started the program and how many completed within the reporting period. The on-time graduation rate is 66.25%.
  1. Completion Rate: 77.72
  2. Licensure Rate: 93.33
  3. Placement Rate: 73.58
  • Accredited by: NACCAS

Tuition: $17,400
Kit, Books & Supplies: $1,800
Application Fee: $0
Registration Fee: $100

  • In order to pay for the cost of education many of our students apply for student loans through the U. S. Department of Education or privately. Student loans go into repayment after a student leaves school. The median loan debt listed refers to the amount of money the typical student owes once they have graduated from their program of study. Private Education Loan debt are loans obtained from a bank or credit union. Institutional financing is money owed directly to the school upon completion of the program.

Median Loan Debt
2011-2012 Title IV: $12,603.30 Private: $0 Institutional: $0
2012-2013 Title IV: $13,833.00 Private: $0 Institutional: $0
2013-2014 Title IV: $14,032.65 Private: $0 Institutional: $0
2014-2015 Title IV: $14,276.55 Private: $0 Institutional: $0