Linda Yodice

Strength and beauty, cut and color, intellect and artistry, technique and creativity. These characteristics not onIy describe the style Linda Yodice is known for, but they describe the woman herself. Having a mother that is a hairstylist, Linda grew up around the beauty industry, but was captivated by fashion. While studying fashion design, Linda attended a hair show and was completely inspired by the fact that hairdressing was a form of art and hair was the canvas on which it was created. She saw a perfect way to combine her love for aesthetics and her skills in design.

Breaking the mold of the stereotypically ultra-cool, flashy hairdresser, Linda’s sophisticated elegance and straight- forward attitude make her a breath of fresh air for the beauty industry. Her ability to convey her technical experience into layman’s terms, make Linda a much sought after expert in the field of cut and color. Linda was recently named Modern Salon Magazine’s top 75 educators of all time.

Her dynamic ability to see and approach color with a perspective different from a stylist who practices haircoloring alone has led to the creation of the Block Color method. Fast becoming the replacement for weaving, Block Color techniques have revolutionized color for hair cutters and colorists alike.

Now as Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems The Color, she has successfully implemented the block color method into The Color Education and Training Programs.