February Cutting Contest Winner!

For the month of February our cutting contest focused on the Triangular One-Length. This haircut is clean and modern with a beautiful movement on the hair from back to front. Our monthly cutting contest is open to all Future Professionals who are ineither the Adaptive or Creative program on the clinic floor. All Future Professionals are judged together regardless of the hours they have in the program.


The haircut for February was judged by Starr Parker, Alysia Boney and none other than Scott Cole. That must have been a little nerve-racking to have Scott judge a haircut! One-Length haircuts tend to have a modern, clean and uncomplicated look but in fact are quite difficult to achieve. Even many experienced hairdressers struggle with creating a cutting line that is smooth and even from side to side.

We were excited to have 20 of our talented Future Professionals submit haircuts this month. Scott, Alysia and Starr were very happy with all of the work they looked. After deliberating, they determined that Kevin Freiberg had the winning cut! Congratulations Kevin!!! Kevin was awarded a Express-Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 for his efforts! Stay tuned for next month’s winner!



  1. Schurita Person says:

    Awesome job Kevin. Congratulations. I’m very proud of you.
    Ms. Person

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